Saccharides, Nucleosides, Derivatives
13C, 2H, 15N, 18O Labeling


Corporate Facilities

Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. is located at 115 South Hill Street, South Bend, Indiana 46617-2701.

This facility was designed from the ground up for the efficient synthesis and separation of stable labeled saccharides, nucleosides, and their derivatives. Our main building, occupied in July 2006, provides expanded research, production and analytical space as well as an enlarged shipping and order processing area. In 2012, we increased our focus on sustainable energy with the installation of a 19-panel, 4.5-kilowatt solar array on the roof.

Omicron Corporate Home

labeled nucleoside synthesis hplc analysis of labeled saccharides

Some of our equipment for the manufacture and testing of specialty stable isotopes.