Saccharides, Nucleosides, Derivatives
13C, 2H, 15N, 18O Labeling


Quality Assurance Assay: NMR

13C NMR Spectra of D-[1-13C]Glucose (2H2O solvent, 75 MHz)

Spectrum A: Enriched carbons only; the labeled C1 carbons of the alpha- and beta-pyranoses are indicated.

13C NMR Spectrum C1 carbons

Spectrum B: Unenriched region. The C2 signals of both pyranoses are split by the directly bonded 13C isotope. Two- and three-bond 13C-13C spin-couplings are observed for the C6 carbons of both pyranoses, C3 of the beta-pyranose, and C5 of the alpha-pyranose.

13C NMR Spectrum C12-C6 carbons