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Systematic Name: galacto-hexose

CAS Number: 10257-28-0 (unlabeled D-galactopyranose)

CAS Number: 59-23-4 (unlabeled D-galactose)

CAS Number: 15572-79-9 (unlabeled L-galactose)

Molecular Formula: C6H12O6

NMR Spectrum (Adobe PDF): D-galactose, D-[1-13C]galactose

α and β forms of D-galactopyranose are also available.

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GAL-030 D-[UL-12C6]galactose Request Price
GAL-027 L-galactose     246410710
GAL-005 D-[1-13C]galactose     90130220
GAL-034 L-[1-13C]galactose Request Price
GAL-006 D-[2-13C]galactose    120220370620
GAL-007 D-[3-13C]galactose    2404708301500
GAL-042 L-[3-13C]galactose    300   
GAL-008 D-[4-13C]galactose    48097018503500
GAL-009 D-[5-13C]galactose    500102019503700
GAL-010 D-[6-13C]galactose    2505009001650
GAL-011 D-[1,2-13C2]galactose    150290500900
GAL-012 D-[1,6-13C2]galactose     59010701950
GAL-045 D-[1,2,3-13C3]galactose Request Price
GAL-013 D-[UL-13C6]galactose   1001603205601000
GAL-014 L-[UL-13C6]galactose   4508501680  
GAL-015 D-[1-2H]galactose     130200290
GAL-016 D-[2-2H]galactose     140210300
GAL-017 D-[3-2H]galactose    45088016803200
GAL-018 D-[4-2H]galactose     110020003640
GAL-024 D-[5-2H]galactose     88016803200
GAL-031 D-[3,5-2H2]galactose 150260480880   
GAL-019 D-[6,6'-2H2]galactose   1602504808701600
GAL-043 D-[1-18O]galactose Request Price
GAL-033 D-[1-13C;1-2H]galactose    2504508001500

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