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galactose oligosaccharides with one GlcNAc residue

All of the monosaccharide units on this page are of the D-form. We omit the configurational symbol D.

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TRI-025 Galpα1,3Galpβ1,4GlcpNAc Request Price
TRI-026 Galpα1,3[U13C6]Galpβ1,4GlcpNAc Request Price
TRI-027 Galpα1,3[U13C6]Galpβ1,4GlcpNAcα1-O-Bn Request Price
TET-035 Galpβ1,2Galpβ1,6(Galpβ1,3)GlcpNAc Request Price
TET-036 Galpβ1,2Galpβ1,6(U13C6Galpβ1,3)GlcpNAc Request Price
TET-037 Galpβ1,2Galpβ1,6(Galfβ1,4)GlcpNAc Request Price
TET-038 Galpβ1,2Galpβ1,6(U13C6Galfβ1,4)GlcpNAc Request Price
TET-033 Galpβ1,2Galpβ1,6(Galpβ1,4)GlcpNAc Request Price
TET-034 Galpβ1,2Galpβ1,6(U13C6Galpβ1,4)GlcpNAc Request Price
TET-039 Galpβ1,3Galpβ1,6(Galfβ1,4)GlcpNAc Request Price
TET-040 Galpβ1,3Galpβ1,6(U13C6Galfβ1,4)GlcpNAc Request Price

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