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CAS Number: 50-70-4 (unlabeled D-glucitol)

CAS Number: 6706-59-8 (unlabeled L-glucitol)

Molecular Formula: C6H14O6

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ALD-076 L-glucitol Request Price
ALD-014 D-[1-13C]glucitol  100150250400
ALD-015 L-[1-13C]glucitol   125215380
ALD-016 D-[2-13C]glucitol   160270460
ALD-017 L-[2-13C]glucitol   160270460
ALD-018 D-[3-13C]glucitol   63010101700
ALD-019 D-[6-13C]glucitol   220360600
ALD-052 D-[1,2-13C2]glucitol   280485840
ALD-055 D-[1,6-13C2]glucitol   5208401400
ALD-042 D-[4,6-13C2]glucitol  7801820  
ALD-043 D-[5,6-13C2]glucitol   66011502000
ALD-044 D-[4,5,6-13C3]glucitol  400800  
ALD-053 D-[UL-13C6]glucitol  110220380620
ALD-045 D-[2-2H]glucitol   6090120
ALD-046 D-[3-2H]glucitol   5208401400
ALD-047 D-[4-2H]glucitol   64011001900
ALD-048 D-[5-2H]glucitol   70120220
ALD-020 D-[1,1'-2H2]glucitol   80130230
ALD-049 D-[4,5-2H2]glucitol   300470750
ALD-050 D-[6,6'-2H2]glucitol   125215380
ALD-051 D-[4,5,6,6'-2H4]glucitol   4306801100
ALD-059 D-[UL-2H8]glucitol  180350650 
ALD-083 D-[5-18O]glucitol Request Price
ALD-080 D-[6-18O]glucitol 300    
ALD-078 D-[6-13C;6,6'-2H2]glucitol   250440800
ALD-073 D-[UL-13C6;UL-2H8]glucitol Request Price

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