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CAS Number: 69-65-8 (unlabeled D-mannitol)

CAS Number: 643-01-6 (unlabeled L-mannitol)

Molecular Formula: C6H14O6

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ALD-029 D-[1-13C]mannitol   100160240
ALD-064 L-[1-13C]mannitol   265450780
ALD-054 D-[2-13C]mannitol   265450780
ALD-056 D-[1,2-13C2]mannitol   280485840
ALD-057 D-[1,6-13C2]mannitol   5208401400
ALD-030 D-[UL-13C6]mannitol 1001603205601000
ALD-031 D-[1,1'-2H2]mannitol   75120210
ALD-063 D-[UL-2H8]mannitol  2204408001500
ALD-058 D-[1-13C;1,1'-2H2]mannitol  2905809901680
ALD-074 D-[UL-13C6;UL-2H8]mannitol Request Price

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