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Systematic Name: manno-hexose

CAS Number: 3458-28-4 (unlabeled D-mannose)

CAS Number: 10030-80-5 (unlabeled L-mannose)

Molecular Formula: C6H12O6

NMR Spectrum (Adobe PDF): D-mannose, D-[1-13C]mannose

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MAN-030 L-mannose     60
MAN-028 D-[1-12C]mannose (13C depleted at C1) Request Price
MAN-027 D-[UL-12C6]mannose (13C depleted) Request Price
MAN-005 D-[1-13C]mannose    105175
MAN-006 L-[1-13C]mannose   130210350
MAN-007 D-[2-13C]mannose   220380650
MAN-008 D-[3-13C]mannose   5008701500
MAN-036 L-[3-13C]mannose Request Price
MAN-009 D-[4-13C]mannose   5509901800
MAN-010 D-[5-13C]mannose   58010501900
MAN-011 D-[6-13C]mannose   3406101100
MAN-018 D-[1,2-13C2]mannose   220380650
MAN-019 D-[1,6-13C2]mannose   5008201450
MAN-032 D-[3,4-13C2]mannose  450   
MAN-035 D-[1,2,3-13C3]mannose   5659801700
MAN-058 D-[1,2,4-13C3]mannose Request Price
MAN-039 D-[2,3,4,5,6-13C5]mannose  940   
MAN-012 D-[UL-13C6]mannose  110220380650
MAN-042 L-[UL-13C6]mannose Request Price
MAN-013 D-[1-2H]mannose   100135190
MAN-014 D-[2-2H]mannose   100135190
MAN-024 D-[3-2H]mannose   60010001800
MAN-025 D-[4-2H]mannose   88015002650
MAN-026 D-[5-2H]mannose   5208401500
MAN-015 D-[6,6'-2H2]mannose   120200350
MAN-041 D-[UL-2H7]mannose  2004007201200
MAN-046 D-[1-18O]mannose Request Price
MAN-052 D-[6-18O]mannose 500    
MAN-031 D-[1-13C;1-2H]mannose  1503005501000
MAN-051 D-[1-13C;2-2H]mannose  30060010001800
MAN-043 D-[2-13C;2-2H]mannose Request Price
MAN-045 D-[UL-13C6;UL-2H7]mannose  135270465800
MAN-044 D-[2-13C;2-18O]mannose Request Price

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