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mannose octa- and nona- saccharides

(mannooctaose and mannononaose)

We omit the configurational symbol, the letter denoting ring size, and the locant of the anomeric carbons in the product names below.

All of the monosaccharide units on this page are pyranose rings of the D-form with the anomeric carbon at C1.

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OLI-014 Manα-2Manα-3[Manα-2Manα-6]Manα-6[Manα-2Manα-3]Man Request Price
OLI-008 Manα-2Manα-3[Manα-6]Manα-6[Manα-2Manα-2Manα-3]Man Request Price
OLI-015 Manα-2Manα-6[Manα-3]Manα-6[Manα-2Manα-2Manα-3]Man Request Price
OLI-009 Manα-2Manα-3[Manα-2Manα-6]Manα-6[Manα-2Manα-2Manα-3]Man Request Price

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